Perishable fresh products logistic

Over the past 20 years, Olympia di Navigazione specialized in transporting fresh products from all over the world with a focus on fruits and vegetables. As a consequence of continuous business and a growing demand, Olympia has dedicated an office exclusively to supply a timely and effective service to its partners operating in production and import of fresh products. This guarantees a full supervision by competent staff capable of handling all the complex procedures of this specific traffic.

Advisory service according to type of good

According to kind of goods, we will recommend the most suitable type of transport and the most appropriate type of container.
Agreements with major shipping companies allow us to offer competitive rates.

Containers port handling and electricity plugging

Any movement of the goods from arrival to delivery is organized and followed with care and efficiency to ensure the shortest time possible.


Temperature-controlled warehouses enable storage of a wide range of goods.

Sorting, selection, packaging and labeling with bar code and requested brand

On request, we confirm the availability to provide these services .

Sanitary procedures

Knowledge and experience of products and regulations, along with established relationships with sanitary authorities in the main Italian ports allow to perform the procedures required in a timely and effective manner.

Phytopathological formalities and quality control

We follow these procedures directly in collaboration with regional phytopathological services and Agecontrol officials.

Customs operations

Specialized team for various types of products.